Quality, Health, Safety and Environment commonly known as QHSE are the four pillars of corporate success and competence. And at Sabtech its efficacy is even more critical. Safe precautions may cost a lot but contingencies cost more- so we keep these measures at forefront, before we embark on any project or solution. Human errors are an occasional occurring in every business; likewise occupational hazards are also part and parcel of almost every industry. In our case, we keep strict and stringent checks on every stage so that the well being of any party is not at stake.

Preventive measures to mere safety procedures- we command attention to details and we expect to enforce strict adherence in all related Policies and Procedures. We maintain concentrated Training and Orientation divisions that monitor reciprocal qualifications, from every point of entry and exit. Whereas on the administrative side- our supervisors stay in loop seamlessly in order to avoid hazards or discrepancies of any sort.

At Sabtech Oilfield we ensure safe disposal of each by-product that is not consistent with the environmental norms.