Our Drilling Chemicals

Commercial Chemicals

Product Description
Magnesium Oxide (MgO) Magnesium source and increase pH
Calcium Chloride (CaCl2) Calcium salt used to control the activity of oil-based muds and workover/completion fluids
Potassium Chloride (KCl) Potassium source in inhibitive muds
Sodium Bicarbonate (NaHCO3) Calcium precipatant and pH reducer in cement-contaminated muds
Sodium Chloride (NaCl) Saturated salt muds, workover / completion fluids and resistivity control
Sodium Carbonate (Na2CO3) Calcium precipitant in lower pH muds
Sodium hydroxide (NaOH)      ) pH control in water-based muds


Corrosion Inhibitors

Product Description
Brine soluble blended Amine Corrosion inhibitor for workover or completion brine systems and water-based muds
Oxygen scavenger Removes Oxigen sulfide from low-viscosity fluids
Scale inhibitor Tubular goods scale inhibitor in drilling and completion fluids
Water dispersibke filming amine Corrosion inhibitor for fresh water-based (low-calcium) muds and packer fluids
Modified organic inhibitor blend Low toxicity product for oxygen corrosion in water-based and aerated muds

Dispersants and Deflocucants

Product Description
Lignite Thinner, emulsifier and fluid-loss control
Causticized potassium lignite Thinner, emulsifier and fluid-loss control for potassium-based muds
Chrome lignite Thinner, fluid stabilizer, inhibitor and fluid-loss-reducing agent for water-based muds
Iron Lignosulfonate Multi-purpose deflocculant and gel-strength reducer, temperature stabilizer, inhibitor and filtration-control additive for water-based systems
Chrome free iron lignosulfonate Environmental-acceptable thinner, inhibitor and fluid-loss control

Filtration and Control Agents

Product Description
Polyanionic Cellulose Filtration agent and shale-control additive
Modified starch derivation
Preserverd modified starch Filration agent and viscosifier
Resinated lignite High-temperature fluid-loss control and rheology stabilizer for all water-based muds

Lost Circulation Materials

Product Description
Nut shells Granular lost-circulation additive
Sized graphite Lost-circulation and seepage agent
Acid-soluble calcium carbonate bridging agent Lost circulation additive
Flake-type lost circulation material (MICA) Lost circulation additive
Sized calcium carbonate (ground limestone) Acid-soluble weighting and bridging agent for increasing density to 12 lb/gal
Specialized blend of flake, granular and fibrous Lost-circulation additive

Lubricants, Emulsifiers and Surfactants

Product Description
Alcohol-based defoamer All-purpose defoamer for water-based muds
Drilling detergent Surface tension reducer to prevent balling, drop sand and emulsify oil
Extreme-pressure lubricant Extreme-pressure lubricant to reduce torque and drag
Stuck pipe soaking fluid Stuck pipe liberator/ spotting fluid
Weightable stuck pipe soaking fluid Weightable stuck pipe liberator/ spotting fluid
Surfactant Detergent for general rig cleaning when using oil and synthetic-based muds

Oil Based Systems and Products

Product Description
Amine treated lignite Filtration control
Emulsifier  Primary and Secondary
Fluid loss agents Controls HTHP fluids loss
LSRV rheology modifier, viscosifier Increases yield point, gel strengths and carrying capacity
Wetting agent Complements the oil-based systems normal wetting agents to assist in preventing water wetting of solids
Organophilic clay  Viscosifier and gelling agent
Asphaltic resin Controls HTHP fluid loss
Surfactant cleaner Detergent and degreaser for oil mud cleanup and cutting wash

Shale Stabilizers

Product Description
Low Molecular Weight LMW Shale control additive
Sulfonated asphalt Shale inhibitor, fluids-loss control and lubricant
Sodium silicates Shale inhibitor
PHPA/ PHPA L Encapsulating polymer for freshwater and saltwater muds
Broad cloud point, general purpose polyglycol for low salinity fluids Shale control additive and filtration agent
Low cloud point polyglycol for low salinity fluids and low temperature Shale control additive and filtration agent
Low-viscosity PHPA Shale control additive
Polyglycol for high-salinity fluids and high temperatures Shale control additive and filtration agent

Synthetic Based Systems and Products

Product Description
Fluid loss agent HTHP fluid loss agent
Liquid weighting agent Improves synthetic fluid wetting of solids and emulsion stability
Primary emulsifier Emulsifier and wetting agent
Secondary emulsifier Emulsifier
Synthetic based system thinner Reduces viscosity and gel strengths
Synthetic fluids rheology modifier Increase yield points, gel strengths and carrying capacity

Workover and Completion Fluids Products

Product Description
Calcium bromide (dry) Brine density modifier
Calcium bromide (liquid) Brine
Corrosion inhibitor for clear brines Corrosion inhibitor
Defoamer for clear brine Defoamer
Displacement solvent for use with oil/synthetic muds Surfactant/solvent
Displacement surfactant/detergent chemical for water-based muds Surfactant/detergent
High temperature corrosion inhibitor for clear brines Corrosion inhibitor
Hydrogen sulfide scavenger for calcium-based clear brines Corrosion inhibitor
Hydroxyethlcellulose (HEC) powder Viscosifier
Liquid HEC viscosifier for high-density clear brines Viscosifier
Liquid HEC viscosifier for moderate-density brines Viscosifier
Organic amine corrosion inhibitor Corrosion inhibitor
Oxygen scavenger for monovalent clear brines Corrosion inhibitor
Potassium chloride (dry) Shales stabilizer and brine preparation
Scales inhibitir for clear brines Scale inhibitor
Sized ground marble Filtration/bridging agent
Sodium bromide (liquid) Brine
Sodium formate (dry) Brine density modifier
Zinc bromide / calcium bromide Brine density modifier

Weighting Materials and Viscosifiers

Product Description
Xanthan gum Bacterially-produced xanthan gum for viscosity and suspension in all water-based muds
Barite Weight
API Wyoming bentonite Viscosity and filtration control
Ground marble Weighting, bridging and filtration control
Bentonite Weighting and filtration control
Product Description
Asphaltene Dispersant
Corrosion Inhibitors Weight
Defoamer Viscosity and filtration control
Demulsifier Weighting, bridging and filtration control
Dispersant Weighting and filtration control
Glycols ( MEG, DEG, TEG, Butyl Glycols, Poly Glycols) Weighting and filtration control
Hydrate Suppressants Weighting and filtration control
Lubricant Weighting and filtration control
Paraffin Inhibitor Weighting and filtration control
Pour point depressants Weighting and filtration control
Wetting agent Weighting and filtration control

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